Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

  • This website managed by captalbloom.in you should have to read all terms & conditions carefully then you agree to consume service.
  • the relationship is should be maintained between only you & capitalbloom.in, there is no role for other. The information related to Terms & Conditions is subjected to change from time to time.
  • Capital Bloom recommends base on Technical or Fundamental & own assumptions.
  • Capital Bloom will not give comment about 100% accrued service. So, Capital Bloom is not responsible to any types of losses behalf on client.
  • Registration

  • By Registering to our website you agree to receive phone calls or SMS & E-Mails for customer updates and information about market on timely basis. The contact details provided during registration will be considered as the important information and will be under our privacy policy.
  • Membership Fee

  • The details about the package or plan are described in the service column. All plan packages are paid in advance and once paid, its Non refundable in any case. Capital bloom retains the right to deactivate services in the case of non- payment and delay payment.
  • Complaints Solution

  • If you have any complaints regarding Services, please send us an email at support@capitalbloom.in We will response your complaint within 48 working hours.
  • Termination

  • Notice of any unauthorized access, transfer or sharing the service by any client to any third party will lead to immediately cancellation of service with or without notice. In addition, if you provide any information at or after the time of registration that is incorrect or incomplete then Capital Bloom has enough reason to believe against the rules and T&C of the Capital bloom, even if anyone make any misbehaviour & unsuitable Harassment then we terminates the services without any notice